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  1. Gorman Early Learning Center believes that for a student to be truly educated, he/she must not only know God’s purpose for his/her own life, but also God’s plan for the ages.  Gorman is founded upon the authority of the Word of God and emphasizes the fundamentals of the Christian faith believed by all Christians.   The Bible is the center of the school’s curriculum.

  1. Gorman Early Learning Center believes the highest goal in discipline is self-discipline.  It further holds this self-discipline has to be taught in precept and in practice.  It is the purpose of the school to train young people in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Thus, it is imperative that a Christ-centered focus be present in all areas of instruction and operation.

  1. Scripture gives to parents the responsibility for raising and training children.  Gorman Early Learning Center staff will assist parents in this role by providing for the safety and instruction of these children while at school.

  1. Parents are ultimately accountable to God for the proper disciplining of their children. Gorman Early Learning Center will support parents in this role by requiring parents to provide for the submission of their children to school rules and expectations.

  1. The two primary objectives of Gorman Early Learning Center are to provide high quality educational services to meet the individual needs of each student, and to train and instruct each child in the path presented in scripture. All other considerations must fall secondary to these. Each staff person must be guided by the highest ideals of professional and Christian integrity in all issues relating to the given task and personal conduct.

  1. The purpose of this manual is to provide a statement of the policies and procedures for the staff of Gorman Early Learning Center. Although the contents cannot include every question of detail that might arise, it can aid in regulating the functions of the center. In all areas, the center will strive for the application of Christian ideals and principles.

  1. Let us remember this is a Christian endeavor. We are the Lord’s instruments as we work with these young children and their parents. This means we CANNOT put ourselves first, but we must think about the welfare of all involved.

  1. We all have a strong faith and belief that all things are possible with God and that He will give us the strength we need to carry out our tasks each day. To work in the environment in which we find ourselves, we must have a strong dedication and sincere desire to cooperate with one another.

You are an ambassador of Gorman

  1. You represent Gorman Baptist Church and our school.  You may be the only contact a person will have with us or example they may have of what a Christian truly is.  Remember, you are never “OFF DUTY” as an ambassador.  You represent the Lord’s work while you shop, dine, drive, vacation, or by the manner in which you dress.  You also represent the Lord in the words that you write on Facebook/Twitter etc. These should be words that are uplifting and used to honor our Lord. Comments should never be made about children that are enrolled at the Early Learning Center or the Academy.

  1. You have become a spokesperson for Christ.  In the mind of many, your attitude, behavior, and opinion automatically become that of authority.  Under God, guard your tongue, temper, and opinion.  If asked about a decision or policy of the administration, please refer the inquirer to the director.  In doing so, you will combat that which may destroy your position.  You are not employed to evaluate policies or judge the effectiveness of other employees.  You are here to render a valuable service to the Lord.

  1. Work for Him!  “For we are laborers together with God…”  I Corinthians 3:9.
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